Rebuild Project Tips To Remember

Rebuild projects are devoted to homeowners who are in critical need of home repairs.  A lot of work will need to be completed to help our neighbirs. Here are some tips to help with preparing to be productive in your help on rebuild projects:

Safety Tips

  • Styles for getting dirty:  Jeans, steel-toed boots, a loose-fitting shirt, gloves, goggles, thick socks, a hat, and a smile.
  • Pace yourself:  Drink plenty of water and take frequent, short breaks to avoid exhaustion.  If something looks heavy or difficult, ask for help.
  • Experience is sometimes necessary:  For those with little or no experience in home repairs, DO NOT use any specialized equipment without the supervision and assistance of a skilled worker.  Fingers don’t grow back.
  • Protect yourself:  You may be working with paint or mold, so be sure to wear protective gear.
  • If it looks like poison ivy (leaves of three, let it be) don’t touch it.
  • Know your surroundings:  Be alert when working on site; take notice of electrical equipment and wiring, standing water or wet areas, structures with water damage, loose boards, rusted nails or other possible hazards.
  • On-site injuries:  All work sites have an assigned Safety Monitor – Safety shirt with safety monitor on the back. Minor cuts are possible at the work site and should be cleaned immediately to avoid infection.  All major injuries such as large cuts, head injuries, and broken bones should be given immediate medical attention.


General Tips

  • If you are a part of a group, your volunteer coordinator will have the information on your projects.
  • If you are not volunteering with a specific group, you will be placed where needed.
  • We will also send out assignments during the week prior to NRD so you know where to report.
  • Please arrive on time and ready to work for your shift (either 8AM for all day and morning shifts or 12PM for the afternoon shift).
  • We will provide you with a lunch and a free t-shirt.
  • Feel free to bring yard tools and supplies. Make sure they are clearly marked with your name.