NeighborCare offers year-round support by providing critical home repairs and accessibility modifications by skilled tradespeople throughout the year at no cost to homeowners. NeighborCare assists low-income senior homeowners in Montgomery County.

To be eligible, homeowners must be faced with a critical need for a minor home repair or accessibility modification. If a homeowner is selected, NeighborCare schedules a time for the repair to be completed by a skilled contractor. 

We are thankful for our NeighborCare Supporters!


Disaster Recovery

Learn more about our Tornado 2019 Recovery Program.

When natural disasters strike, Rebuilding Together provides recovery support to help families and communities rebuild their homes and lives. Since 2005, Rebuilding Together has rebuilt over 1,500 homes in disaster-impacted areas. As a member of the National Association of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, we work side-by-side with members of affected communities and in partnership with local and national disaster response and recovery organizations to help families return home.

Many of the communities we work in lack the necessary infrastructure and resources to prepare and recover from natural disasters. Housing in these communities is also more likely to be substandard, older, and in need of maintenance. Additionally, low-income families are unlikely to have any or adequate flood insurance. For example, analysis of FEMA data by The Washington Post showed that only 17% of families in the eight counties most affected by Hurricane Harvey held flood insurance policies. Our typical clients are low-income owners who do not have sufficient insurance to fully cover the cost of needed repairs. Given the significance of disasters in our affiliates’ communities and our logical role in home repair and rehab, we launched Disaster Recovery as a national program.




At Rebuilding Together, we believe that older adults should be able to remain safe, healthy, and independent in their own homes and communities. According to recent study conducted by the AARP, nearly 90% of older adults would prefer to stay in their current homes as long as possible. Aging in place is also widely understood to be more cost-effective than nursing homes and assisted living facili­ties.

Seasonal Safe@Home is focused on:

  • Seasonal-based repairs

  • Volunteer and homeowner education

  • Volunteer [Re]Build opportunities.


Each season has a specific initiative that drives the four focus areas: 

Winter- Fire safety and falls prevention

Spring- Healthy homes and energy efficiency

Summer- Exterior maintenance

Autumn- Keeping our homeowners warm through our annual partnership with local HVAC technicians for our Heat the Town event


National [Re]Building Month: Our marquee event, National Rebuilding Day, takes place on the last Saturday in April each year. This event is the culmination of a month of volunteer projects and community revitalization throughout the month of April. Through the help of hundreds of volunteers and the generosity of local organizations, we are able to make a significant impact on homes and communities by making them safer and healthier. 

Heat the Town is a partnership with local HVAC technicians. We help senior homeowners stay warm during the winter months, providing furnace checks, repairs, and replacements as needed.  

Safe, Healthy, and Energy Efficient Kits designed to improve the health, safety, and energy efficiency within a household, these kits include items that volunteers of any skill level can install.



Building a Healthy Neighborhood

Building a Healthy Neighborhood is a program that brings together our strategic community approach of Community Revitalization Partnership and our core practice model: Safe and Healthy Housing model.

More Than Just a Home We understand the importance of community for our homeowners. This is why we feel that it is just as important to assist local community centers where our homeowners spend their days as it is to assist in creating a safe and healthy home.

Through Building a Healthy Neighborhood, Rebuilding Together affiliates make a minimum commitment of two years to focus the delivery of safe and healthy repairs to homes and/or community facilities in a target neighborhood or area. Affiliates complete a community needs assessment to make strategic decisions about neighborhood selection based on other investments, collaborative partners, and neighborhood conditions. Affiliates also build collaborative partnerships with other neighborhood organizations and government entities, positioning themselves as part of the community development continuum. Affiliates can also apply for capacity building grants from our national office to strengthen their ability to build local coalitions, plan joint events, and make strategic decisions about the use of resources to maximize impact in targeted neighborhoods.

Veteran Housing

Serving those who have served. We are dedicated to helping veterans in the Dayton area to have a home that is safe and healthy. We have partnered with corporations looking to give back to veterans or their widowed spouse for many years. We are grateful for these partnerships. 


Heroes at Home

American military veterans and their families face a range of housing challenges. Many stem from disabilities related to their service. Through a partnership with Sears, we are able to assist veterans in having a safe and healthy home. If you would like to assist in our efforts, please visit our donation page

The need is great. For veterans returning from service in the Global War on Terror with severe injuries such as amputation or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Readjustment and reintegration into their families and communities can be difficult. To read more about our partnership with Sears and our dedication to veteran housing, visit our national website