Our Story





In 1973, a small Sunday school class picked up hammers and paintbrushes in Midland, Texas. They had seen their neighbors struggle with home repairs and chose to dedicate one day to the elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners who needed a hand. Their compassion inspired others and the movement grew.


Seeing a need in our region, Rebuilding Together Dayton joined the effort in April of 1996. Our first National Rebuilding Day renovated eight houses with the help of 105 volunteers. Since then, we’ve assisted over 1,500 homeowners in 63 neighborhoods and 10 cities across Montgomery County.



1996 Founded by Preservation Dayton, Inc.

1998 First Executive Director hired and moved to space donated by Home Builders Association.

2001 Rebuilding Together Dayton unveiled Neighbor●Care, a year-round, county-wide home repair program. Neighbor●Care provides the services of skilled tradespeople who perform urgent home repairs and home modifications, such as wheelchair ramps and handrails.

2006 Milestone of 500 homes assisted.

2006 Moved into the University of Dayton’s Rubicon House.

2008 Heat the Town program started in partnership with DACHA.

2009 Launched Seasonal programming.

2010 Milestone of 1,000 homes assisted.

2011 Rebuilding Together Dayton formed a collaboration with the Greater Dayton RTA by moving into the former Interstate Mortgage building on Main Street. RTA provides donated office and warehouse space.

2014 For the first time, we targeted a specific neighborhood for our Rebuilding Day efforts by partnering with East End Community Services in Twin Towers neighborhood. Nearly 800 Rebuilding Together Dayton volunteers worked on 20 projects in the Twin Towers neighborhood which provided $200,000 worth of improvements.

2015 Launched Seasonal Safe@Home Program and DPL partnership.

2015 DACHA was dissolved and RTD continue the Heat the Town program.

2015 to 2017 Targeted the Westwood neighborhood.

2016 Launched Community Revitalization Partnership Strategy. A coordinated approach between our affiliate and our neighborhoods, foundations, corporations, residents, and volunteers to build and sustain a safe, healthy, and thriving community.

2018 Targeted the Carillon Neighborhood.

2019 Focused on Disaster Recovery Program for those affected by Memorial Day Tornadoes and Targeted the Edgemont Neighborhood.

2020 Rebuilding Together Dayton celebrated 25 years of repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives for low-income Dayton Senior homeowners. We targeted Pineview, Edgemont, and Miami Chapel Neighborhoods.

2021 Targeted the Pineview and Lakeview Neighborhoods. During a community-wide clean-up on our 26th NRD, we collected 4.7 Tons of waste. 

2021 Rebuilding Together Dayton concluded Disaster Recovery after three years. In 2021 alone, RTD assisted 74 homeowners with 407 repairs. 

2022 Moved into the Kuhns Building in the Dayton Arcade Complex. 

2022 Targeted the Madden Hills, Miami Chapel, and Edgemont Neighborhoods for our 27th NRD. 

RTD was awarded a $1.8 million reimbursable grant to assist eligible homeowners with home repairs and modifications in Carillon, Edgemont, Miami Chapel, Wolf Creek, Five Oaks, and Old North Dayton. 

2023 Targeted the Carillon, Edgemont, and Miami Chapel for NRD, held on 4/29/2023.