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Overwhelmed with home repairs? You've come to the right place.

We are focused on helping low-income senior homeowners.

No homeowner likes to forgo basic home maintenance, but illness, aging, rising costs or job loss can force them to make difficult choices. We are here to make sure that low-income Montgomery County senior homeowners are able to live in a safe and healthy home. We are making homes safer and healthier by providing critical repairs and accessibility modifications, such as: repairing an unsafe furnace, remediating electrical hazards, correcting dangerous plumbing problems, installing handrails, grab bars, and tall toilets. We are not able to address mold or lead abatement, electrical rewiring of a home, roof replacement, or whole home rehab.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee services will be provided, and they process may take 6-12 months to complete. Due to funding requirements, to be considered for assistance, a new application must be submitted each calendar year. Any assistance with repairs and modifications is dependent upon the funding available. 

If the homeowner meets the below qualifications, please print the application, fill out completely with the required supporting documents and mail to: 

Rebuilding Together Dayton

15 W. Fourth Street, Suite 450

Dayton, OH 45402


Homeowner Requirements

60 or over

Located in Montgomery County


Single-family home

 Be current on your property taxes or have an active payment plan (with a balance of $2,000 or less) set up with the Montgomery County Treasurer’s office

Low Income* 

(*The guideline used is dependent on the funding source for the repair)


200% Federal Poverty Guidelines 2024


*Income Guidelines for assistance


2024 HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines- 200%
Family Size Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $2,510.00 $30,120.00
2 $3,406.00 $40,880.00
3 $4,303.00 $51,640.00
4 $5,200.00 $62,400.00
5 $6,096.00 $73,160.00
6 $6,993.00 $83,920.00
7 $7,890.00 $94,680.00
8 $8,786.00 $105,440.00

For each additional

person, add

$897.00 $10,760.00






If the homeowner does not meet the requirements above, there still may be additional sources of assistance available. Click here to learn more